What is an ERA Test process in IVF?

ERA stands for Endometrial Receptivity Array. It is a genetic test which uses a small sample of a woman’s endometrial tissue to evaluate whether or not the endometrial lining is prepared to accept an implanting embryo.

ERA Test represents Endometrial Receptivity Array. It is a hereditary test which utilizes a little example of a lady’s endometrial tissue to assess regardless of whether the endometrial coating is set up to acknowledge an embedding fetus.

Who can take ERA Test?
ERA Test is reasonable for the patients who are encountering rehashed implantation disappointment notwithstanding quality incipient organism arrangement.
Every lady has an “implantation window” in her period which is a couple of days long, for the most part happening from the 19-23 days of the menstrual period. Amid this time, the luteal or secretory stage, the ovaries are delivering progesterone. The progesterone causes numerous unpretentious however essential changes to the uterine covering so as to make an ideal case for implantation. Proteins are made which make the coating thicker and increasingly responsive. In about 84% of ladies this little window happens at the normal time. In any case, looks into at Igenomix labs in Spain found that about 16% of ladies have a novel window which can be prior or later than anticipated. For IVF cycles, this could imply that the developing life exchange is occurring on the wrong day, when the window hasn’t opened yet or has officially shut, along these lines causing implantation disappointment.
Thanks to ERA Tests everyone will have the capacity to get pregnant.

Which countries provide ERA Test?
Most of the countries like Denmark, UK, USA, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Greece, Sweden, Albania, Andorra, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Dubai, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Azerbaijan provide ERA Test process.

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