Gender Selection Prices In Cyprus

Legal Dimension of Gender Determination: It is forbidden to apply the preimplantation genetic screening of the Cyprus IVF Centers for gender selection. In case of medical necessity, it can be done with permission.
Cyprus IVF Centers Gender selection prices vary between 5,000 EURO and 8,000 EURO depending on the number of procedures carried out by in vitro fertilization centers and doctors. Cyprus selection prices include air tickets, accommodation and transfer fees.

Gender Selection
It is a procedure for couples who want to have a child, a boy or a girl. It is known as the determination of the baby gender as a result of a genetic test performed after the application of the IVF.

Cyprus Gender Selection
In the gender determination process in the baby, besides the choice of male or female gender, a number of genetic diseases are diagnosed and transfer of healthy embryos to the mother is performed. Genetic testing on embryos can determine not only gender but also genetic diseases such as Down syndrome, Monozomy, Trisomy. Thus, the mother and father candidates who want to determine the gender of the baby will be preferred before the pregnancy that the boy or girl does not carry these diseases.

Cyprus IVF Gender Selection – Advantages of PGD
Choosing baby gender prior to pregnancy.
Selection of healthy embryos in advanced age women.
Implantation rate increases with the transfer of healthy embryos in recurrent implantation failures.
Reduction in the rate of multiple pregnancy.
Preventing termination of pregnancy during pregnancy by healthy embryo transfer before pregnancy.
Increase in clinical pregnancy rate.

PGD – Gender Selection and Who?
The decision of the physician and the genetic consultant should be applied and the patient’s consent is obtained. It is also preferred by couples who wish to exercise gender selection.
The woman is prepared for the process.
The appropriate period for the collection of eggs is determined by the physician.
With the process called microinjection, sperm and eggs are brought together in laboratory environment and fertilization is provided.
Biopsy is applied to the embryos which are developed and followed up in the laboratory.
Genetic scans of biopsied cells are performed.
Post-embryo transfer with healthy embryos is performed.

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