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About Ur Vistahermosa

Some of the reasons to choose UR Vistahermosa:

We are a Reproduction Unit located in a Hospital since 1995 looking for a better security and assistance of our patients.

We carry out IVF (40-45% success rate), Egg Donation and Embryo Donation cycles (65% successrate) and Surrogacy.

The DNA of all our donors is kept in the BIOBANK at our genetics unit for more peace of mind and tranquillity about the baby’shealth

Personal treatment: We are available for all our patients during the treatments. We take care of airport transfers, hotel bookings and anything else they may need to make their stay as comfortable and stressless as possible.

Reliable and clear information: From the very first moment we will inform our patients about all the details of the process and their real success possibilities.

Refund Program: we have a 3-fresh-cycle-program for those couples that wish to. This program has many advantages.

There are no waiting lists.

All our donors are young and genetically screened and we always find the most suitable donors for our patients. We have our own Genetic Department to deal with all possible issues now a days, even PGS ( 24 chromosomes screening)

We carry out ICSI, Blastocysts and Assisted Hatching with no additional costs, as we know these techniques improve the implantation rate and that is our main objective.

We take into consideration all potential immune problems 

in our patients that could be a risk for the pregnancy and we treat them withintralipids, corticoids, anti- clotting injections …

We believe in providing our patients with appropriate levels of personal support as they go through treatment. As a result, we provide an option for patients to engage in

FertilitySupport Coaching

as they journey through this challenging life experience

We collaborate with both Universities in Alicante to improve our results and our Master’s Degree has formed, since 1999, professionals for many European clinics. At the moment, we collaborate with the Mexican Ministry of Health in different researching programmes.

Treatments & Prices

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downloadDr José Jesús López Gálvez
Job Title: Doctor
Specialisations: Fertility Medicine, Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Languages: Spanish
Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the .
Elche and
Director of the Reproduction Unit at Clínica Vistahermosa.
Director of the Course on Human Reproductive Biology at Universidad Miguel Hernández,
Director of the Special Lecture Programme on Reproductive Biomedicine from Universidad Miguel Hernández,
Managing Director of the Reproduction Unit Group with centres in: , Almería, Denia, , , .
Contributing member of the Operative Research Centre at the Universidad Miguel Hernández, and the Presentation of articles, publications and talks at Congresses on Assisted Reproduction, and Gynecology.
Organizer of numerous courses and congresses on Reproduction and Gynecology.
Member of Scientific Associations:
Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Spanish Fertility Society
Section of the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Spanish Association

Mrs Salomé López Garrido
Job Title: International Patient Coordinator
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Degree in Translation and Interpretation.
of English granted by the Spanish Ministry of

in International Business Management from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI-ICADE). Thesis: Internacionalización de la empresa (Master’s in English for Specific Purposes and Business Studies from the . Thesis: Terminología en Reproducción Asistida. (Assisted Reproduction Terminology).
Director of International Department, Reproduction Unit of Clínica Vistahermosa.
Since November, 2011, she has been working on her PhD dissertation, a linguistics research project: Estudio de la formación léxico en el ámbito de traducción comercial. (Study on lexical word formation in the medical field. Business translation function)

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