What is Egg Freezing?
Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, may be a method during which a woman’s eggs (oocytes) are separated, frozen and kept as a technique to preserve reproductive potential in ladies of reproductive age. The primary human birth from a frozen gametocyte was declared in 1986. Egg cryopreservation has advanced greatly over the past few years, with the improved overall success of eggs surviving the freezing operation. It’s now not thought of an experimental process by the American Society for reproductive medication. The techniques resulting in increased reproductive cell survival, potential fertilization and birth rates enable ladies a way bigger degree of autonomy than was potential even within the past five years.
Egg freezing is a method of conserving a woman’s fertility therefore she will have a family in the future. It involves collection of a woman’s eggs, freezing them and so thawing them presently in order that they will be utilized infertility treatment.

Some ladies freeze their eggs because they need a medical condition or are undergoing treatment that affects their fertility. However, it also can be utilized by ladies who aren’t prepared or able to have kids and wish the possibility of conceiving within the future.

A woman’s probabilities of conceiving naturally fall as she gets older as a result of the standard and range of her eggs drops. Egg freezing is an effort at conserving fertility by freezing the eggs once the lady is young and also the eggs are of the very best quality.
Firstly, you will need to be tested for any infectious diseases like HIV and liver disease. This has no concerning whether or not you’ll be able to freeze your eggs or not however is to confirm that affected egg samples are kept individually to prevent contamination of different samples.

You’ll then begin the IVF method, that sometimes takes around a few weeks to complete. Commonly this can involve taking drugs to enhance your egg production and facilitate the eggs mature. Once they’re prepared, they’ll be collected while you’re beneath general anaesthetic or sedation.

At this time, rather than combining the eggs with spermatozoan (as in standard IVF) a cryoprotectant (freezing solution) are going to be further to guard the eggs. The eggs can then be frozen either by cooling them slowly or by vitrification (fast freezing) and kept in tanks of liquid nitrogen.

Most women can have around fifteen eggs collected though this isn’t forever possible for women with low female internal reproductive organ reserves (low numbers of eggs). Once you need to use them, the eggs are going to be thawed and those that have survived intact are going to be injected along with your partner’s or donor’s spermatozoan.

In which countries is Egg Freezing provided?
Most of the countries like Denmark, UK, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Greece, Sweden, Albania, Andorra, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Dubai, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Azerbaijan.

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