What is Insemination?
Insemination is the conscious insertion of egg within a female for the purpose of inseminating the female for sexual breeding.. The sperm is inserted deliberately into the uterus of a mammal or the oviduct of an oviparous animal.
Who is suitable for Insemination?
Insemination process is advisable for couples where the female doesn’t have tubal corruption and the male has a normal or only lightly substandart sperm test. It is also applied when donor sperm is being used.
Which countries provide Insemination?
Insemination is provided in Denmark, UK, USA, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Greece, Sweden, Albania, Andorra, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Dubai, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Azerbaijan.
Insemination is a pregnancy treatment that involves small dosage pregnancy medicines to stimulate egg formulation and then placing motile sperm inside the uterus close to your eggs, at the time you ovulate. This maximise the chances of sperm reaching an egg and for fertilisation to occur. Although the procedure itself is straightforward, the timing is very important.
Thanks to Insemination program everybody will be able to get pregnant.

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