Who Gets the Test?
NIPD could be a new style of genetic check that screens for birth defects and hereditary diseases.Right now it’s solely accessible to ladies with risky pregnancies. several specialists assume that it’ll become a standart check one day, replacing alternative, riskier monitoring tests.

What Does The Test Do?
Up to now, the only technique to check your baby’s deoxyribonucleic acid was to get an straight sample of your baby’s body fluid, blood or placental tissue. You’d want prenatal diagnosis or CVS. Each have a little risk of generating miscarriage or complications.

NIPD takes a special approach. It tests the little quantity of your baby’s deoxyribonucleic acid that is naturally found in your own blood. NIPD will check it for birth defects like congenital disorder, chrosomal abnormality fourteen and eighteen, also as hereditary diseases like monogenic disorder, hemophilia, and alternative conditions. It also can show whether or not your baby could be a boy or a woman.
NIPD is far a lot correct than similar screening tests with nuchal clearness, like the blood check or biopsy within thetrimester screening or the quad test. As a result of the results appear to be thus correct, the check may spare many ladies from invasive procedures, like prenatal diagnosis or CVS.

How The Check is Finished
NIPD could be a straightforward biopsy. there is no risk to you or your baby. A technician can draw a tiny low sample of blood from your arm.

What to Know About Test Results
If your NIPD is negative, your baby includes a low risk of those birth defects. If it’s positive, your doctor might suggest additional tests. These may embrace ultrasounds, CVS, or prenatal diagnosis.

How Often the Test Is Done During Your Pregnancy
Once, between ten and twenty two weeks of maternity, however it’s accessible any time once nine weeks according to the workplace. The check is offered to any or all ladies, however habitually coated by insurance for women thirty five years or older and ladies at high risk for genetic abnormalities. Keep in mind that the check is not accessible to most women, at least up to now.
Which countries provide Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis(NIPD)?

Most of the countries like Denmark, UK, USA, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Greece, Sweden, Albania, Andorra, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Dubai, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, provide Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (NIPD) process.

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