What is a Tandem Cycle?
Tandem may be a term used primarily for IVF is employed to define a females own egg store, in line with an egg donor additionally chosen.

Effectively a tandem cycle once utilized in IVF on the day of the planned egg store of the patient, donor eggs is collected and each sets of eggs is injected with their partner`s spermatozoan and therefore the best developing embryo is transferred.

Who is suitable for a tandem cycle?
Deciding to go ahead with a tandem cycle isn’t a simple call, therefore it’s suggested that you just request guidance and think about your choices available to you before deciding.
Women who attempt to fall pregnant for the first time at a more mature age (44-45yrs), could have undergone tests and told that endocrine are too low to proceed with their own eggs, they’ll think about a tandem cycle as this can eliminate the what if issue, once more your doctor can advise you consequently and this is often why you request recommendation from a woman’s doctor who is knowledgeable in IVF and Donation treatments.
Women who have a little egg reserve can look to go ahead with a tandem cycle to create on the quantity of eggs on egg store day with donor eggs.

How do you prepare for a Tandem cycle?
The preparation for a tandem cycle may be a mixture of the preparation for IVF and also an Egg Donation Cycle, therefore a type of contraception or down regulation is utilized to synchronise your menstrual cycle along with your chosen donors. In fact the required tests are going to be carried out to watch endocrine levels as well as a ultrasound to create certain collecting your eggs may be a viable choice. Your partner also will need a spermatozoan check to create certain that the spermatozoan is of a decent quality before continuing.

When selecting a donor, we’ll guide you and provide you with the maximum amount info as possible, our donors are anonymous therefore their identity can’t be recognized and that they are protected below the law. Successively your identity is additionally not recognized by the donors then patients are protected too from the confidentiality law.

When choosing a donor, we’ll arouse main characteristics i.e. blood type, Eye colour, Hair, Skin tone etc. and in fact if you have got any specific requests these are going to be taken into account additionally. We also encourage you to supply your partners details and additionally an image of you each so a donor ismatched by our donor organizer as correct as possible.
Before everyting, we will provide you with a alternative from 2 donors and if you’re feeling the profile isn’t precisely what you’re searching for then we’ll provide you with an additional 2 donors till you’re pleased with your choice.

Which embryos can be transferred?
This is a choice created by you along with your doctor and embryologist, embryo development is going to be monitored and you may be controlled. If the embryos developed from your own eggs are of a decent quality, the embryos developed from the donor are frozen and you will have solely your embryos transferred. The pregnancy success during this case varies considering your age.

If the embryo quality of the couple isn’t appropriate for transfer or embryos don’t continue to develop, the embryos developed from the donor egg are transferred however in fact you may be counselled and controlled and do what you’re feeling is best. during this case the probabilities of pregnancy is 75-80%.
In some cases, each embryos developed from you and therefore the donor eggs is transferred at an equivalent time, though the double embryo is transfer in quality and if there’s double approval. during this case, there’s an opportunity of 75-80% gestation. However, it’s unacceptable to understand that embryo is pregnant apart from genetic tests.
Which countries provide Tandem Cycle?
Most of the countries like Denmark, UK, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Greece, Sweden, Albania, Andorra, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Dubai, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Azerbaijan.

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