What is the cost of IVF in Cyprus?

The price of IVF in Cyprus varies between 2,500 EUR and 4,000 EURO depending on the number of procedures carried out by the doctor and the clinics in Cyprus. Including air tickets, accommodation fees and transfer fees are included in the rates of prices.

Is IVF treatment in Cyprus expensive?
The method of IVF treatment in Cyprus develops depending on the quality and standards of its center. If the center is clean and attentive, the price range increases in connection with the elements being fully trained and equipped with the latest technology facilities, quality and superior service determine the price. If the success rate of the IVF methods and the services taken into consideration, after the service, the result is positive with the result, according to this success within the IVF method of treatment is not expensive, but rather cheaper.

In cases where the IVF procedure is failed, the results should always be considered frustrated, but the second IVF attempt must be considered without delay. This situation is more profitable in terms of cost. In vitro fertilization seems to be the last choice among infertility treatment methods, but many studies have shown that in the case of many infertility problems, in vitro fertilization is the first and sole remedy. The fact that other treatment methods are both less successful and costly are able to lose both time and money for treated couples.

Cyprus IVF Prices

In 2018, the price of IVF remains at the same price range in Cyprus. Depending on the quality of the center, the prices of 2018 Cyprus IVF varies from 2,500 to 3,500 Euros. As the Cyprus IVF center, with the best technology genetic tests, it is possible to choose the gender with close to 100% accuracy. If a problem is detected, we can detect many genetic diseases in the embryo stage by analyzing all the chromosomes. In this way, we enable you to continue your IVF adventure with genetically healthy embryos. The patients who apply to our center are subjected to detailed examinations and tests and the treatment process is done to them.

Cyprus Gender Selection Prices

gender selection process can only be carried out for genetic screening according to the laws in Cyprus. The price of the transaction is based on the quality of the center and the treatment it has applied and ranges between EUR 5,000 and EUR 7,000. The prohibition of this process in Turkey and abroad leads people to prefer Cyprus for gender selection due to cheap prices..

Cyprus Egg Donation Prices

Egg donation price in Cyprus varies between 4,500 Euro and 6,000 Euro as in 2018. The egg donation process, also called egg transplantation, is applied to patients who have aged eggs or have lost their ability to reproduce eggs due to natural causes.

Cyprus Sperm Donation Prices

Cyprus sperm donation prices vary according to the treatment of the center and vary between 3,000 euros and 4,500. Sperm donation is the procedure in which no sperm is detected in the male and no sperm is obtained from the testicles, or in cases where a pregnancy to be obtained by male sperm is not recommended for medical reasons.

Cyprus Embryo Donation Prices

The price of embryo donation in Cyprus varies according to the treatment structure of the centers and varies between 5,000 Euro and 7,000 Euro. If mother and father’s reproductive cells are insufficient, this process is carried out in a sterile laboratory

IVF Prices

The prices mentioned here are the prices taken from internet sites or forum sites. You can get the current prices by contacting the IVF center or IVF hospital before starting the IVF treatment.

Surrogate Mother Selection
Surrogate mother selection is a very important case. Surrogate mother prices in Cyprus are also determined according to the application to be made. Couples wishing to have a child with a surrogate mother must ensure that if mother or child have hereditary or infectious diseases. For this reason, the necessary procedures are started after all kinds of health screening in related centers.

How to start treatment?
First of all, it is decided how an IVF treatment will be carried out by performing the necessary examinations and tests before the necessary legal procedure is prepared and without the surrogate mother. If eggs and sperm cells are to be taken from pairs, naturally there will be no search for donors. However, infertility tests should be performed for the mother and father candidates and the most appropriate treatment protocol should be prepared. The treatment method, type and dosage of the drugs to be used and the prices of the surrogate mother are determined with the examination protocol. Finally, the search for a surrogate mother begins.
All the information about the candidate mothers will be communicated to the parents in case of a file. Candidates are also required to prepare the appropriate protocols according to the legal regulations after the necessary decision is made and the surrogate mother is selected.

Surrogate Mother Prices in Cyprus
The prices of Cyprus surrogate mothers are determined according to the treatment methods, drugs and dosages determined according to the test results of the couples. In addition, after the necessary regulation and protocols have been prepared, the surrogate prices in Cyprus, together with the treatment prepared for the surrogacy, vary between EUR 8,000 and EUR 10,000.

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