Sperm Donation In Cyprus

Sperm donation and cost in Cyprus varies from IVF to EUR 5,000 and varies from 4,000 EURO to 5,000 EURO. Within the price of Cyprus IVF, air tickets, accommodation and transfer are included or excluded in the price.

What is Sperm Donation?
Sperm donation is an application that is applied if no sperm is detected in the male and no sperm is obtained from the testicles in any way, or if a pregnancy to be obtained by the male’s sperm is not recommended for medical reasons.

In which cases can Sperm Donation be used?
Cases that cannot obtain sperm from the ejaculate or testes due to a congenital or subsequent cause.
In cases where sperm is detected but structural defects are detected as well, there is no ability to fertilize the egg.
In the case of some genetic hereditary disorders diagnosed and when they are passed on to the child.
In cases where the male has sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV.

Sperm Freezing in Cyprus

It is enough to contact with our center 1 day before the sperm freezing process to complete your registration / test processes. Sperm freezing is a method which can be applied in high success rate by the Cyprus IVF Center. According to a research was carried out in 2004, the frozen sperm could be preserved in a healthy manner for almost 20 years. The steps to be used in the freezing process of the sperms for later use are as follows:
You must visit our center for sperm freezing and give the necessary sperm sample. There is no drug treatment before the intake of sperm samples. You can leave our center the same day after the sperm sample is reached to our laboratory because this process is performed quickly.Your sperm samples are prepared by our expert embryologist. When you request re-use for IVF treatment, it is not necessary for you to visit our center at any stage of the treatment.

Cyprus Sperm Freezing Prices/Cost
The cost of the Cyprus IVF sperm freezing is between 250 EURO and 500 EURO depending on the procedures of the IVF centers and doctors.

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